Better Data Needed to Identify Opioid-Related Child Removals

Despite the obvious ties between the opioid crisis and increased demand on the foster care system, the nation lacks any meaningful data to show how the trends connect. Without having a clear picture of the nature of problems facing a community, policymakers are left to guess how to direct precious resources.

Resilience in the Face of Devastation: A Chat with Disaster Responder and Denver Faculty Member Karen Stewart

Resilience in the Face of Devastation: A chat with Denver Adjunct Faculty Member Karen Stewart about Disaster Response

At home and abroad, natural disasters have devastated communities, reducing buildings to rubble and leaving behind emotional scars from the overwhelming trauma of loss. To shed light on the challenges of responding to natural disasters, adjunct faculty member Karen Stewart discussed her experiences in emergency response and the potential effects of the increased frequency of disasters. 

Costly Child Care Leaves Struggling Families Scrambling to Stay Afloat

Nearly one out of five working women in the U.S. with young children works in a low wage occupation. But the annual cost of full-time child care in the U.S. for one child can range from $3,000 to $17,000. For struggling families who access federal and state benefits to supplement their incomes, the loss of these benefits can have devastating effects on household budgets.