Jennifer Greenfield

Assistant Professor

PhD, Washington University in St. Louis

Professional Biography

Assistant Professor Jennifer Greenfield’s research focuses on the intersections of health and wealth disparities across the life course among working women and, particularly, among caregivers of color. Greenfield’s research aims to understand and document the interactions of caregiving, health and financial strain more clearly, and to identify potential policy interventions that would support families who are negatively impacted by the stresses that accompany their caregiving responsibilities. She also collaborates on projects related to economic security across the life course, activity patterns among older adults, the health and mental health effects of productive engagement, and the implementation of policy initiatives such as the transition to integrated primary and behavioral health care in Colorado. Greenfield works with local and national community partners on several research, program evaluation and policy analysis projects.

Greenfield teaches a variety of social policy courses, including Health Policy, Aging Policy, and Social Policy Analysis, Advocacy and Practice in the MSW program, as well as the Social Welfare Policy Analysis and Development course in the PhD program.

Academic and Research Interests

  • financial security across the life course
  • effects of public policy on health and financial well-being across the life course
  • impacts of state and national health policy on health care and long-term care utilization
  • policy reform, especially related to health care and health disparities
  • policy analysis and research methods
  • community organizing, advocacy and macro social work practice
  • social gerontology