Areas of Concentration

Designed to support today’s community needs—from social justice to culturally competent health care—the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work’s MSW@Denver program offers two areas of concentration. Both Online MSW and Online Advanced-Standing MSW students select a specialization (concentration) that offers creative opportunities to cultivate expertise in vital areas of social work.

Mental Health and Trauma

Redefine what it means to live with mental illness, addiction and/or trauma. In this concentration, you will focus on comprehensive assessment, advanced interventions based on cognitive approaches and trauma-informed care. With a strong foundation in theory, you’ll develop skills to support informed clinical decision-making that empowers individuals, families and communities.

Course Examples

  • Intersections of Mental Health, Substance Use and Trauma
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
  • Mental Health and Health Care Policy

Learn more about the Mental Health and Trauma concentration.

Health, Equity and Wellness

Improve health and wellness for individuals and communities while advocating for policy reform across systems. In this concentration, you will learn to focus your practice on integrative approaches to health care and the mind-body connection—incorporating problem-solving and evidence-based modalities that consider health care trends, interdisciplinary collaboration and social justice.

Course Examples

  • Evolving Perspectives and Trends in Health and Wellness
  • Social Work Practice in Health Care
  • Methods for Evaluating Practice/Programs

Learn more about the Health, Equity and Wellness concentration.

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